10 CXFM 10″



Comparing pound for pound and a size less than one cubic foot, this speaker is one of the best speakers we make, and it is the best monitor of its kind you will find anywhere. With greater sensitivity than the 8-CXFM as a floor positioned monitor, it has excellent output below 100 H, defying its small size. Both models come with pole mounts and three tilt angles that will fill any angle requirement.

The 10 CXFM works well as a tripod-mounted, full-range speaker for speech reproduction. We use this speaker with the TL 15.1 subwoofer as a compact, high output, full-range set up. Originally designed for houses of worship and auditoriums, the 10 CXFM has the output to keep up with the rigors of club use. Ramsdell Pro Audio sells a lot of this monitor as a perimeter speaker for club installs because it is just so impressive.