12 CXFM-2 12″



Unbelievably clean and clear, this monitor was developed to be a smaller companion to the 15 CXFM. Size for size, this floor monitor has out performed all of its potential competitors for low end punch out of a small enclosure. This monitor’s sound will surprise you because if its completely unique design.

The 12 CXFM uses what we, the developers of it, call a “ground loaded” port. This Ramsdell Pro Audio–designed port is oversized and directly coupled to the floor, resulting in less power compression, less port wind noise and better power handling characteristics. This allows the speaker to use the ground as an extension of its port and deliver low end in a way that another 12” monitors usually couldn’t. The result is absolutely stunning. The angle of the speaker baffle was carefully chosen to match the 75 degree dispersion of the speaker itself. There is no need for a multi-tilt design, so the new port technology always works perfectly. This monitor also has a very consistent frequency response as you move around in the sound field during your performance. The CXFM series’ killer design sets this monitor apart from any other monitor in the market, and the difference is clearly audible.