CPH-2 Fully Horn Loaded Single 12″



This enclosure is the top section of the CPH-3. It was originally developed as a down fill speaker to be hung underneath the CPH-3. It functions as a stand alone speaker in highly reverberant environments where response below 80 Hz (such as vocals) isn’t needed. The CPH-2 is popular in houses of worship because it has the ability to put the sound where the people are, not on the walls or ceiling where you don’t want it because that creates reverb. In good sounding environments, it’s superb and in bad sounding environments, like gymnasiums, it’s necessary. The CPH-2 has good projection and efficiency as well as good pattern control to 400 Hz. It is very effective for its small size. As well as being a good stand alone speaker, it also works well with a separate subwoofer like the TL 18.1 or the TL 15.1.