Double 10″ Compact Line Array



The LA-10-2T is a more portable variation of two of our high-power LA-10-2 HP line array enclosures. The LA-10-2T portable enclosure is able to be pole-mounted or flown with optional hardware. The 10” low-frequency drivers are weather-resistant and sport high-output neodymium woofers that are rated at 1200W program. The high-frequency wave guides contain 1.4-inch exit, 3-inch voice coil neodymium drivers that project from a 120º horn on the bottom and 90 º horn on the top. This wave guide configuration creates an asymmetrical projection pattern that narrows dispersion the farther back the sound travels, keeping it off walls and ceilings and helping projection outdoors.
The LA-10-2T is designed to pair with an optional 212R Double 12” acoustifold neodymium subwooferfor low frequency support in high-output situations. It also serves as a support for pole-mounting the LA-10-2T.