Double 12″ Line Array

-Highly Versatile
-Small without losing the big sound
-Light weight
-Neodymium Drivers
-Proprietary Hardware for ease of use



Designed with a need for versatility in mind, the LA-2-12 is an incredibly versatile line array speaker. The LA-2-12.2 is our solution to choosing between a box too small to have serious output or too large to be used for the widest variety of applications.
Packing 2600 watts into a 108 lb. box only 34 ¾” wide, this speaker will deliver the output you’ll need in your next line array bid. We developed this line array speaker to meet the increasing demand for mid-sized, high-output line arrays in today’s install and concert tour situations. The LA-2-12.2 uses two 12″ Neodymium woofers with 4″ voice coils and three Neodymium 1″ compression drivers on a unique triple driver multi-path length horn. The LA-2-12.2 is available in a triamplified model.
We designed our line array fly hardware for strength, ease of use, and complete versatility. Each cabinet has ten degrees of adjustment possibility with adjustment points at each degree. The positive-locking push pins are always easy to get to right up to the last box in the array. Our hardware design allows the array to be used as a rigid array or free-hanging array, increasing versatility.