Ramsdell Install Line-Array



The LA-1-12i is a biampable 12” 2-way line array system that employs our top of the line components. We have developed a new wave guide specifically for this array. We use a single 4” voice coil, 2” high-frequency compression driver. The compression driver has a titanium diaphragm and uses a neodymium magnet structure for unparalleled midrange definition and power. The design of the driver literally saves twenty pounds compared to its ceramic equivalent and weight is vital in every line array. The woofer uses the best Mogami cone made and neodymium magnet structure resulting in the most accurate reproduction of sound. The combination of these in the LA-1-12i line array system results in stunning midrange and high frequency output and detail.

The LA-1-12 install is a permanently hung version of our tour enclosure. The hanging hardware is totally adjustable to any fraction of the 1 deg to 10 deg range of adjustment on each enclosure. The permanent install hardware is less expensive and has better sight lines for houses of worship and auditoriums.The top flybar allows the user to tilt the whole array at once with its many available fly points. This array is perfect for houses of worship, performing arts centers, auditoriums and large clubs.