Road Cases

Our road cases, amp racks and work boxes are all made to be high quality, functional, and long lasting. We make them Ramsdell Pro Audio tough.



Road cases aren’t nearly as cool as speakers, but people need them and we make them Ramsdell Pro Audio tough.

Our Road cases, Amp Racks and Work Boxes are all made from high quality, cabinet grade 3/4″ plywood. Each box is made by hand and is build to last years. Our cases come standard with our Highly Durable DuraBlast Polyuria coating to keep them from getting banged up on the road.

Cases do have standard sizes, but we can also custom build you anything to fit your needs!

-Cabinet Grade 3/4″ 11 ply Birch Plywood
-DuraBlast Polyuria Coating
-Heavy Duty Casters
-Recessed Spring Handles
-Custom options Available

Amp Racks:

Available in 14 & 16 space sizes, Ramsdell Pro Audio amp racks are the result of years of perfecting “roadability”, durability, and ease of use. They come with four recessed spring handles and front and rear mounting rails. They roll on four 4″ shock-absorbing heavy-duty casters. They are coated with ourl polyurea coating for extra durability.

Our amp racks use no form of twist latches on the front or rear covers, which always end up bent, broken and out of alignment after a couple years of use. The front and rear covers on Ramsdell Pro Audio amp racks use a brilliant “sliding lift-out” design that is not only easier to use, but less susceptible to damage even long term. You simply lift the covers out and you’re ready to go.

Work Boxes:

Everyone needs some of these if they are on the road. They come with 4 recessed spring handles, 4 drawers (2 large, 2 small) equipped with 100lb capacity drawer slides on each drawer. They roll on 4″ shock-absorbing, heavy-duty casters. They come with a one inch thick “sliding lift-out” door that will never pop out during transport. We recommend the additional thick Durablast coating for extra durability.

Cable Trunks

This is the box that got us started making products in this section. It comes complete with legendary stories of unbelievable durability on the road, sometimes bordering on science fiction. Built for years of 4 a.m. tear-downs and load-outs. They come in three truck pack sizes.

They are built out of ¾” 15 ply birch plywood with properly designed, impact distributing glue blocks, and constructed with expanding waterproof polyurethane adhesive. This solid rock of a trunk is coated in a durable 2-part polyurethane enamel. We recommend our optional polyurea coating for extra durability.