Single 10″ Compact Line Array



The LA-10-2 Directed Line Array System was designed from the ground up to offer a unique solution to line array installations. Though it’s available in a bi-amp package, it normally comes in a light-weight 16 Ohm enclosure with a passive crossover network. The LA-10-2 is available in a 120°, 90°, and 60° formats. This enables you to custom design your needs with 120° enclosures on the bottom of the array tapering up to a 60° long throw enclosures on the top. You can use up to eight enclosures in a row and still have a 2 Ohm load on your amplifier. Being passively crossed over, you just daisy-chain them together with the required dispersion angles you need. It also reduces the amount of amplifiers and processing you will need to use. You can even use just one amplifier by having one channel for your array and the other for the sub.
You can configure a much more intelligible line array than a row of enclosures with all the same dispersion angle. Where a conventional line array may put too much sound on the side and rear walls, which creates problems, the LA-10-2 enables you to direct more sound where your audience is. This approach reduces reverb and increases intelligibility.
The LA-10-2 line array system allows you to put your sound where your listeners are with an array that can run off of a single amplifier, creating an easier, cost-effective solution for a line array installation.