Single 12″ Line Array



The LA-1-12 is a biampable 12” 2-way line array system that employs our top of the line components. We have developed a new wave guide specifically for this array. We use a single 4” voice coil, 2” high-frequency compression driver. The compression driver has a titanium diaphragm and uses a neodymium magnet structure for unparalleled midrange definition and power. The design of the driver literally saves twenty pounds compared to its ceramic equivalent and weight is vital in every line array. The woofer uses the best Mogami cone made and neodymium magnet structure resulting in the most accurate reproduction of sound. The combination of these in the LA-1-12 line array system results in stunning midrange and high frequency output and detail.

All three of our line array systems have the same height and depth dimensions, they simply vary in width. This allows for increased versatility because the LA-12-1 and the LA-15-1 can accept our more sophisticated and higher weight-rated hardware we use on our top of the line LA-2-12 system. The less sophisticated hardware has 2.5 degree increments over a ten degree range instead of the 1 degree increments over a ten degree range that the more sophisticated hardware uses. The positive-locking push pins are always easy to get to, right up to the last box in the array.