UBS 2-8-1 Double 8″



With dual 8” woofers and a 1” high frequency compression driver that gets its impressive output from its 2” diaphragm, this speaker will fill most needs in a low ceiling height situation. The entire UBS line was birthed and designed as a solution to the low-ceiling related problems that arise during house of worship install situations. Over time, the UBS 2-8-1 has evolved into so much more than just a house of worship install speaker. The UBS 2-8-1 is versatile and is equally as useful as a perimeter speaker in night clubs and a front-fill speaker for corporate sound needs as it is in a house of worship situation. The UBS 2-8-1 boast’s an “impressive-for-its-size-and-price” 99 dB sensitivity and conservative 600 watt power handling. Every good contractor should get to understand the capabilities of this cabinet and how it is a good solution to an industry-old problem of not having enough install space for the sound coverage requirement.