Ramsdell Pro Audio is phenomenal loudspeaker systems. We strive to be the one pro audio loudspeaker brand that changes how you think about buying loudspeakers for a sound system. We have developed a complete line of pro audio loudspeakers to meet any need, in any venue with any demands of a sound system. We’ve worked with our customers to develop products and designs to solve pro audio demands for many years. We’re always available to address your sound system questions and issues for a church, stadium, club, school, outdoor venue or theater. Every project is a success when you choose Ramsdell Pro Audio.

We are USA made and USA owned. Our products are not ‘outsourced’ or made out of the USA and we do not  cheapen our components or designs to satisfy stock holders or ‘Big Corporate’ policies. Our products and solutions are built to last and they sound great.

Design & Development.

Ramsdell Pro Audio offers professional consulting services at a reasonable rates. For more than 45 years, we have consulted with Sony, Eminence and many other companies. We have provided solutions for  churches, museums, stadiums, auditoriums, theaters that other sound ‘professionals’ could not solve. Our honest, upfront business practices has earned us an outstanding reputation over the years.


Customer Service is one of the most important things for this business.

Even though this web site offers streamlined ordering of our complete line of products, we appreciate your phone call so we may ask the right questions to be sure you get the right product for your specific job. Being able to talk directly with the decision maker of a sound system installation or purchase makes sure our customers are getting the best products for their buck! We look forward to your call. 727.823.8037

Rick Ramsdell

Rick has been developing, conceptualizing and manufacturing some of the most technologically advanced products in the world since the 70’s
Many products that are staples in the industry are direct copies of Ramsdell Originals. Rick began Ramsdell Pro Audio to build the great products he had in the mind without the corporate restrictions and red tape associate with big corporate business. Now you are able to get these products made-to-order at a great price without the nonsense.

Our Services.

01 Made to Last

We make hand crafted products with the highest quality parts we can get our hands on. Every product that we put out comes from our hands and not a factory line or box from overseas. The wood, electronics and design is our hands and brains.

03 We Really Care

Ramsdell has been a family business since it’s conception more than 40 years ago. We love this business, this company and our customers. We are always there for all of our customers and really do everything we can to make the process special for everyone.

04 Rigorous Testing
Every speaker we design goes through rigorous testing and gets measured and analyzed with the latest and most sophisticated software. We push each product to its limits and push to provide the best product on the market.

For More information or to speak to one of our representatives, please contact us.